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Altsoba:   an Ancient Navajo word meaning "Everyone is at War"

Sadly this seems to be that World right now.

The War Pony is shown here in All of his Glory. He is decorated with Traditional War Paint, His Warriors Hand Print, Eagle Feathers and Leather Bindings.. 

He is supported by 3 Spears which represent War itself. 1 for Past Battles, 1 For Present Battles, and 1 for Battles to be fought in the Future.

Under him the ground is detailed with winding lines that cross over and twist and turn. They represent the Paths in life that each Warrior must take. Choosing the Path that will define his life. 

 The War Pony appears to be Unscathed, but.. he is Riderless.. Left Behind are the Tattered Eagle Feathers and Leather Bindings of his Warrior. They Represent the Loss and Damage left behind by War and Civil Uprisings.

altsoba 1.jpg
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